It is the intent of NFTOctopus to provide its “Ocean Prophets” with sustainable growth in the value of OCT by building an exciting game that attracts many players. Also, it is our intent to see an increase in adoption of and more transactions on the V Systems (VSYS) blockchain, and to see healthy liquidity for OCT tokens by leveraging Uniswap and other exchanges on Ethereum.


OCT is scarce by design, with a fixed total supply of 30,000, and no inflation.

The OCT token is a cross-chain token supported by both the V Systems and Ethereum blockchain.

Total Supply: 30,000…

Dear Community

We are happy to share with you that the second batch of OCT Telegram Airdrop event 2 for 29 participants has been distributed.

Note: we pick up those lucky players by 1# they are qualified to have the eth which contains uniswap tx before the event announcement, #2 they are ranked the earliest by the timestamp they fill in the google form.

The list is as below


The Genesis Drop round on VSYS and the Staking 2.0 round on VSYS Airdrop will be announced soon on Twitter, etc.

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Official Website:





Telegram Group:

Paul the ‘Oracle’ Octopus is an animal oracle that made accurate predictions in the 2010 World Cup, legend says there are Octopuses that carry on his special Oracular power in the cryptoverse.

OCT Token: the basic token in the NFTOctopus game, players use OCT token to staking, hatch the Octopus

Staking: the way players stake their OCT token in the Ocean to hatch the Octopus

Ocean: the Place for players to stake their OCT token hatching their Octopus

Hatch: the way to produce Octopus, players need to staking their OCT token in the Ocean

Octopus Point: The point players can use to Activatet the NFT Prediction Card

Activate: the way to activate NFT Prediction Card by Octopus’ magic power

NFT Prediction Card: the magic card based on NFT technology, collectable, and can…

Thank you for participating in the OCT Token Airdrop.

Below are the result of the qualified players' list we will airdrop:

Participants of Event 1 with a VSYS address that contains lease record before November 30th, 2020 who sent 0.123 to the NFTOctopus genesis address and filled in the form.

There are 100 qualified participants per the below list:

0x05C7f50A3704cf84bCCB81AB7Eaf566d7fF8d77D 0x689C1Bc02669CdA4cad35e7C8580c3d71bFaD84E 0xa8eF04CFe9f14eDe36856B6eE8CBaEc6bd1ef8A5 0x5eaA8bdc315608E8Cf873CFAbA05e42826f68C4d 0x87b17D4dc14430CDe1302327122a3AE7600b4171 0x1C39983343Fe4136BBC9175041734C1EE3AC7E0B 0xC55D7b1279449288beAD9e6A43960434dF09250F 0x28f4eA7A1D16A7Da851DCadf3d8F925c92b7E6bd 0xbe166f97375dba3c00198d19be51994a43c37cb1 0x9f23b32d82f81f6371e83fb3a393ea034baae9fa 0x882656af9B2a5946012CFeE16b0A9137d76Aea92 0xd70f06652b636943adf138791ff4a8cf66821ed6 0xB28d140AbB8Bae20887144184F512a585FDd4A2C 0xACfdDc4d747cA306B2196fc6088eDe14641EB236 0x7300b50c5854fd8571971a4ecbAAD2a599157b87 0x964892a3a84BA85833cE654793b1D3da73C51299 0xb4094eB22e61FC4197bd0b6950A54E5046E635Ec 0xD4eAaaf81F1f7EcfCfEAb3785aC2c62650EDB176 0x1843C0B1614a89d02F35b31b076Ab1172c91cA36 0xAd12875744B6A5EcFe95a1ac78A37032f4ba0cD5 0xa122202ac771C30eD6a8CEE0Bbe641F2D594EE92 0xaE8D9d4C1eA1D8E26eD2a1AA3432E2513715ef71 0xbA168DbBf9D9b5BBD58d3cE7969E7C18448A928d 0xe2f4f3904Df66bf658CC4852eae9bd3a998b2481 0xc02322786AE4ccD6432C39D83b06C50A54E8Bb17 0xB7Dbc284765c93535BA70152b12732ca8b54e309 0x595B62E96F7452c3Ca3C1d030Ac07d23458FCf48 0xFA63F3c414273072df80160C3A46BfdeFE3bA2ED 0x885A2b537764245ef0Deb642033291CeD928e6fA 0x23525a580e3b7B2fAE05BC9bF412C739De558240 0xBeA8EDFb53B07359ce246437c33a7da1Eb15378c 0x7bFEFc2ce6e9b76Db1B00dF607e1e5be5fE7b68f 0xB4fD422dA1eF32A76F01a966a89a50708121cdAA 0x15423A4c56ee1784811489701B06F067aF2c7D1B 0xE2B54307b73fEbF2D5Bd3937c0103d782e6530E7 0x0F810b13E3B781330aB39fbc003901D9a277FaC3 0x66346C60A5a84FB2121B044d3F688fEB8B121586 0x18F9be36a8816c8433E68471133315B926537Be2 0xd9b9ea4Fb46657800fE3E2467339EEF7151776A8 0xe170200cA06Fe1a013dD6e791d62d1c1f6f373fA 0x782910e996d1010A53FfC28403ba2F1951091e30…


NFTOctopus is an experimental prediction card game that combines NFT card collection games and real-world predictions. Players can use OCT tokens to hatch Octopus via yield farming, then use Octopus to activate NFT Prediction Cards, which you can collect, trade, and social with other collectors. Then you can also use NFT Prediction Cards to play prediction with the blockchain oracle machine.


The basic token in NFTOctopus is called OCT token. The OCT token is a cross-chain token supported by the V Systems and Ethereum blockchain. …

Mr.Paul is coming

Dear community,

We’re delighted to tell our fans that Paul the Octopus likes the NFT collection card game very much. After a comprehensive and smooth testing process, Paul thinks the game will be able to predict the future of crypto. So this is the time we should start the Telegram airdrop to the community before the official launch.

The Octopus Telegram airdrop will distribute a total of 9000 OCT tokens. On one hand, the Octopus team together with the VSYS team want to incentivize those who have been contributing to the VSYS ecosystem. …

The NFTOctopus is just an experimental NFT collection card game, which combines yield farming and prediction play.

An NFT-based Collectable Card Game built on the V Systems blockchain, and tokens are issued to many blockchains.

Project Name:NFTOctopus

Game Type:NFT-based Prediction Collectible Card Game

Token Name:OCT Token (VSYS, ERC20, maybe more)

Project Introduction:

Octopus is a prediction collectible card game that combines NFT with real-world predictions. Players can obtain Octopus non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through yield farming, and exchange for cards.

In the crypto world, people like making predictions, from forecasting the Bitcoin price to the release timeline of Ethereum 2.0, from…

11 November 2020 — A mysterious prediction card NTF game, Octopus, is launching soon. Built using the V Systems blockchain, Octopus lets users obtain Octopus non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through yield farming and exchange for cards.

For instance, a user can collect a rare card and showcase it, sell it or swap it for a card with the same level of scarcity. Each card represents a prophecy and it is recorded on the blockchain, which is indelible in time and has high collection value.

NFTs are unique digital tokens that can create verifiable digital scarcity, as well as digital ownership. It…


A mysterious prediction card NTF game. Visit our website at

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