NFTOctopus Game Terms

OCT Token: the basic token in the NFTOctopus game, players use OCT token to staking, hatch the Octopus

Staking: the way players stake their OCT token in the Ocean to hatch the Octopus

Ocean: the Place for players to stake their OCT token hatching their Octopus

Hatch: the way to produce Octopus, players need to staking their OCT token in the Ocean

Octopus Point: The point players can use to Activatet the NFT Prediction Card

Activate: the way to activate NFT Prediction Card by Octopus’ magic power

NFT Prediction Card: the magic card based on NFT technology, collectable, and can predict the future of crypto world.

Palace of the Prophet: the place players collaborate with other players to combine a super rare NFT Prediction Card, also use NFT Prediction Card to predict the real crypto world future event and win king rare NFT Prediction Card.

Marketplace: where people can trade their NFT Prediction Cards to others for other crypto tokens.

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A mysterious prediction card NTF game. Visit our website at

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A mysterious prediction card NTF game. Visit our website at

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