OCT Tokens — Learn About the Basics


NFTOctopus is an experimental prediction card game that combines NFT card collection games and real-world predictions. Players can use OCT tokens to hatch Octopus via yield farming, then use Octopus to activate NFT Prediction Cards, which you can collect, trade, and social with other collectors. Then you can also use NFT Prediction Cards to play prediction with the blockchain oracle machine.


The basic token in NFTOctopus is called OCT token. The OCT token is a cross-chain token supported by the V Systems and Ethereum blockchain. Staking OCT tokens will help you hatch Octopus, and users will be able to activate the NFT Prediction cards.

Total supply: 30000 OCT tokens, NO inflation!

Amount of OCT tokens generated on Etheruem: 12000 OCT tokens(ERC20)
Amount of OCT tokens generated on V Systems: 18000 OCT tokens(VSYS)



3000 OCT tokens (ERC20) has been allocated to the Uniswap Pool, and are now available for trading.

uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x9e70240d2a8a30a592d3f076441c4f303b26de12]

[OCT token contract address: 0x9e70240d2a8a30a592d3f076441c4f303b26de12]

Community Drop

27000 OCT will be allocated to the community. We have already hosted the first round of community airdrop, and distributed 9,000 OCT (ERC-20) to the Telegram community.


There are 9000 OCT (VSYS) that will be allocated to VSYS Staking 2.0 participants, and 9000 OCT (VSYS) that will be allocated to Genesis Drop for VSYS holders.

More details will be disclosed later.




A mysterious prediction card NTF game. Visit our website at http://www.nftoctopus.com/

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A mysterious prediction card NTF game. Visit our website at http://www.nftoctopus.com/

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