ORIGIN Story the Animal Oracle: Octopus

Paul the ‘Oracle’ Octopus is an animal oracle that made accurate predictions in the 2010 World Cup, legend says there are Octopuses that carry on his special Oracular power in the cryptoverse.

Paul is not dead, still live in the spirit realm, cross to the human realm after his death and decided he is not done with his predictive power.

In the palace of Prophets

The prophets connects with the spirit of animal oracle, Octopus Paul.

Prophets gathered together with a magical ritual with a powerful oracle light which allow Them to see future insights.

Then the prophets recorded the future predictions of the Crypto world with special NFT cards on V Systems… But only the magic power of Octopus Points earned by staking OCT tokens can activate the special trading and prediction cards.

Stake ($OCT),

Hatch (Octopus Points),

Activate (NFTs)!

Hatch the octopus

Every octopus born to have the oracular power, but they need to go through birth, growth and learning in order to harvest their power to activate the NFT prediction cards.

With OCT token, anyone can hatch the octopus in the Ocean everyday.


With octopus’ magic, the NFT prediction cards will be activated.

Once the cards are activate, the magic spirit become real.

In the palace of prophet, cards can be trade as collectible items, combine to be rare edition, and turn into a historical card when the prediction become true.

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