NFT Octopus is back!

Dear community

I know it has been a long time, but we would like to say our team has taken a step back to revise the project. Today we are happy to announce that NFT Octopus has been revised and we will release this version in the next few days, and the community can officially start using it.

Next, I will introduce some major updates of the NFT Octopus Revised version:


Let’s take a look at the core gameplay of NFT Octopus first, use OCT Token for staking, get OP points, use OP points to exchange NFT Octopus cards, and then use cards for more gameplay.

In the revised version, we officially opened the function of OCT Token for staking. Players can use their vsys main chain OCT Token for staking in exchange for Octopus Points(OP) which can be used to redeem collectible NFTs.

More ways to synthesize cards and other ways of playing are still under development and slowly revealed in the revised version, but will be available in subsequent versions. Keep a lookout for easter eggs and clues to how the future versions will be played!

Review the core gameplay of NFT Octopus:

The complete guide to NFTOctopus collection game design

NFT Octopus Genesis

We have remade the first batch of NFT Octopus cards, with a total of 5,023 issues, each with 9 available traits (Accessories, Aura, Background, Eyes, Head, Head Accesories, Leg Accories, Legs and Orb) and ranked with 5 rarity categories (Legendary, Super Rare, Rare, Uncommon and Original). Players need to use different points to exchange NFT Octopus cards.

Each NFT Octopus card will be unique, so for players looking to collect, it will be important to grab high-rarity NFT Octopus cards as early as possible.

Here are some cards for you:

These two one-of-one NFTs will be available upon the first 500 release. Details of the release will be announced soon.

Revised NFT Octopus website

Thanks to the joint efforts of multiple designers from the community, we have remade the entire NFT Octopus website. As we want to really leave an impression of the magical and spiritual nature of Paul the Octopus, we have completely re-interpreted the way Paul and his universe should be seen. We hope this will bring a greater imprint to the players.

The second round of airdrops

Review of the issuance plan of OCT Token:

Announcement for NFTOctopus Telegram Drop (

Wrapped OCT Token — Enabling Cross-Chain Interoperability


After watching so many updates, do you want to play this game right away? Don’t worry, you also need the OCT Token of the vsys main chain. If you remember, we airdropped a part of the OCT Token on the eth main chain in the first round. We developed a cross-chain bridge for users of this part of the currency. Users can Cross-chain your own ETH main chain OCT Token as the OCT Token of the vsys main chain, so that you can participate in the game after NFT Octopus v2 goes online.

I know that what excites you the most is the second round of OCT Token airdrops. More tokens will be airdropped in this part of the airdrop.

We will announce the details of the second round of airdrops in the next few days, you should not miss it.

Well, let’s go into the magical world of NFT Octopus together!




A mysterious prediction card NTF game. Visit our website at

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A mysterious prediction card NTF game. Visit our website at

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